Your Website. Drew’s Passion.

Drew is a full LAMP stack freelance web developer. He builds custom websites that are easy to use, accessible, and beautiful.

With over a decade of experience developing PHP-based Content Management Systems (CMS) and websites, Drew has the expertise to create anything you and your team can dream up.

Open Web Standards

Drew builds attractive and accessible front ends using open standards. HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS 3.

UC Graduate

A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Drew is an excellent communicator.

WordPress Developer

Drew has seven years of experience as a WordPress developer. His experience deep customizing PHP-based CMS applications started with Drupal 6, over ten years ago.

Drew specializes in web front end development and back end programming. With extensive experience customizing Content Management Systems (CMS) with custom and contrib themes and plugins/modules, Drew can add advanced features to an existing website, or build a new one from the ground up.

Drew has worked extensively in all levels of website production including conceptualization, design, speed optimization & SEO, server administration, and copywriting and editing.

With a wide breadth of experience, a unique combination of skills, and a passion for building excellent web software, Drew has the knowledge, the expertise, and the dedication to make any project a success.

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Most Recent Work

I haven’t had time to add these pieces to my portfolio yet, but please do check them out. I built them from stem to stern and I’m proud of each one.

All sites include a custom mobile-friendly theme based on underscores, content created using the Gutenberg block editor, custom blocks built with PHP and ACF. And on the front end, I styled everything with CSS and implemented custom client side behaviors with JavaScript.

SGA Marketing
A site for a marketing agency, featuring a custom interactive video slider with animated type design, custom CSS transition animations, and a specially developed unique “flowing line” design ripped from the pages of a magazine that guides users through content and adjusts to the content’s layout.

A couple of different custom sliders on the home page. Custom animated menus, search bar, language switcher. Custom meeting display.

Acrely Farms
An e-commerce site for a hemp farm in Utah. Custom checkout process, product & product catalog display, built on the WooCommerce platform.

OneShoreline —
Site for a governmental organization that manages flooding emergencies in the San Francisco Bay area. Highlights include custom slider, custom Meetings & Agenda page, custom nav menus.

Joe Matamales
I built this site for my dad, an expert animator. For rapid development of this minimalist site mostly focused on video content, I used the WordPress standard Twenty Twenty-One theme (instead of a full custom build based on and made major modifications with custom and contrib plugins. Custom CSS and JS drives the hero reel playback and provides a seamless transition from an engaging full screen cropped video to a letterboxed YouTube video.

Landlord Incentives —
The highlights of this site include its unique design, the custom partners slider at the bottom, and the custom accessibility widget on the left side of the site. The site also focuses on accessibility, properly directing focus and using ARIA states.

RC Watershed
Custom sliders, custom nav menu, custom expanding search bar, data migration from Joomla site.

RC Watershed Art Contest
Microsite with contest rules and winners’ art. Stunning full screen SVG backgrounds and a customized modal overlay for displaying winners’ art.

Recent Work


Visit Site

A site for a Bay Area local gov waste organization that educates and informs customers. Features an interactive game, tour booking, and lots of custom features.

  • Built site as completely responsive from the ground up, with beautiful animated mega menus that help users navigate this large, multifaceted site.
  • Built custom theme designed to be used with the new Gutenberg block system introduced in WordPress 5. Refined editing experience with custom color palettes and custom Gutenberg blocks that added essential functionality and closed gaps in the block editor's still developing features.
  • Completely rebuilt and redesigned Interactive Carts game, removing dependencies on jQuery UI, refining the layout and UI, and adding a scoring system and touch support for mobile devices.
  • Developed custom tour booking system using WooCommerce Bookings, so visitors can easily and quickly book a tour of the Shoreway Facility.
  • Designed and built custom search/translation interface with slick transitions.
  • Built custom slider using the Flickity library, with subtly animated text headings that add a dash of style.
  • Rebuilt and redesigned interactive Facility Map, recreating functionality from a library that was part of the previous CMS.
  • Used SVG assets throughout the site, properly implementing them so icons look awesome at every size and change color when the situation calls for it.
  • Expressed the site's page hierarchy beautifully, through image-rich auto-generated custom landing pages.

Casita 21

Visit Site

A brochure site for a California beachfront vacation destination with a unique custom theme that beautifully presents images and text.

  • Developed custom theme that showcases the luxurious beauty of the resort and its many available activities.
  • Designed custom sticky header with animated transitions.
  • Implemented and styled custom slide out mobile menu.
  • Built administrative back end to make adding photos and changing text a snap.
  • Created lead generating custom form that allows people to quickly request a reservation.
  • Integrated existing Panotour virtual tour into site. Modified tour to display full screen and work better on mobile devices.
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.

Flows To Bay

Visit Site

A site for a Bay Area water pollution prevention program featuring a beautiful and image-rich custom theme, an interactive map, and other unique features.

  • Built custom mega menu with hover intent, making it easy for a varied populace of visitors to make their way to a variety of destinations across the site.
  • Created custom-built WordPress theme that features beautiful hero areas on each page, mobile friendly responsive design, and first class SEO and accessibility.
  • Designed and developed custom Search/Social bar, which allows for a minimalist header, a seamless search experience, and the prominent display of social icons.
  • Developed custom hero slider block and "Latest Posts" sliders, based upon the Swiper library (swiper.js).
  • Built custom Google Translate integration to allow for instant translation of the site at the click of a button.
  • Created custom block for display of The Events Calendar PRO events on the home page and configured/styled the plugin's calendar display.
  • Developed custom blog list page with completely custom category browsing interface and pagination, so it's easy to navigate through Flows To Bay's rich history of blog posts.
  • Created password protected Permittees section to restrict certain content from public viewing.
  • Built "Put Yourself on the Map" form/map block, which allows community members to add their rain barrel installations to a custom Google Map.
  • Migrated blog posts, images, and other legacy content from previous Drupal 7 site.

Hamlet Homes

Visit Site

A homebuilder's site with a unique custom theme, custom map, custom sliders, virtual tours, seamless videoconferencing, faceted search, and a powerful relational structure.

  • Designed custom admin interface with relational post types, custom taxonomies, and custom ACF fields. Communities, floorplans, and available homes refer to each other in robust ways, making entry of new properties quick and easy.
  • Built a custom integrated video communication system using Tokbox / Vonage Video API. Agents can create private rooms and invite homebuyers to video chat with absolutely no downloads and no configuration. With this system, they can provide live virtual tours and conduct meetings with interested homebuyers, right on the Hamlet Homes site.
  • Developed intuitive custom faceted search using FacetWP with custom-styled controls.
  • Designed custom viewer for Matterport 3D virtual tours of model homes. Tours open in an immersive full-window experience with supered property information and Hamlet's logo.
  • Created custom carousel sliders using Flickity library. Sliders are touch/drag friendly, fun to use, and custom designed for the site.
  • Built a custom interactive Google Map for the home page.
  • Made custom hierarchical photo gallery for the site.
  • Optimized site and server settings for Google PageSpeed SEO.
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.

Sunny Knoll Publishing

Visit Site

An e-commerce site for a fine book detailing a unique Spanish guitar collection.

  • Built a custom Shopify site that showcases the beauty and elegance of this exquisite book while providing a frictionless checkout process.
  • Deeply customized the code of the Narrative Shopify theme to provide unique functionality and styling.
  • Built entire site from home page through checkout process and transferred existing domain to Shopify.
  • Uploaded audio content to Soundcloud and added custom widget with samples from included CDs.
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.

Complete Sun

Visit Site

A visually stunning site for a national solar solutions and support provider.

  • Created custom responsive Divi templates using Divi Builder. Used custom CSS and HTML to further enhance the site and accomplish design features that weren't available on the Divi platform.
  • Developed contact form using Caldera Forms and integrated it into the Divi Builder page for a more flexible and configurable form.
  • Built custom SVG integration to allow for crisp, interactive icons across the site.
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.

Mountain West Financial

Visit Site

A site for a wholesale loan provider. Custom theme and unique features like faceted PDF content search, custom video gallery, related videos, and SCORM courses.

  • Custom built theme, with custom SVG elements that always look crisp and clean and touches of CSS animation.
  • Custom slider that is mobile responsive and draggable, with beautiful custom controls that match the theme.
  • Custom coded video player/gallery plugin that uses YouTube APIs to pull video information from video URLs.
  • Designed and developed custom file browser with faceted search, PDF content search, and quick download links.
  • Developed custom Google Maps plugin to display maps using Google APIs.
  • Developed custom SCORM WordPress plugin to extract and play Articulate course files and display them in an iframe.
  • Also built corporate intranet site with similar features, but significantly more content.
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.

Jordana Lorraine

Visit Site

A site for a professional hairstylist with a clean, modern theme and an advanced consultation form that makes communication with potential clients simple.

  • Jordana used to ask questions back-and-forth over email in order to give price quotes for her services. Drew built a custom consultation form that engages users, collects information, and asks follow-up questions regarding each desired service. The form has saved countless hours of repetitive emailing.
  • Developed and designed a custom mobile responsive and draggable testimonials slider for the home page.
  • Implemented custom display of Instagram feed on home page so visitors to the website can always see Jordana's recent work, without any extra effort involved on her part.
  • Developed custom theme with parallax effect on home page hero image and an elegant custom font and color scheme.

Wasatch Midwifery

Visit Site

A site for a Midwifery practice with a beautiful custom-developed responsive theme and photo gallery.

  • Built a custom responsive WordPress theme with unique hero image and headline treatment that makes subpages stand out.
  • Created ACF fields and custom shortcodes to make content entry easy.
  • Developed a custom testimonials carousel to show off all of the positive things the practice's clients had to say.
  • Embedded the practice's Instagram and Twitter feeds into the site, so users can see the latest tweets and photos right from the blog page.
  • Created custom plugin for arrangement and presentation of social media icons.
  • Optimized site and server settings for Google PageSpeed SEO.
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.

Curtis Packaging

Visit Site

A site for a packaging carton company with engaging custom scroll detection parallax effects and animations.

  • Created a custom JavaScript scroll detection library to deliver beautiful, engaging CSS animations and parallax effects that highlight the nuanced aesthetics of their products.
  • Produced SVG elements and used advanced CSS to ensure that design elements and logos look crisp, clear, and vibrant in any situation.
  • Created custom slider for home page, and custom carousel for About Us page.
  • Developed unique WordPress theme with custom "sticky header" menu that keeps track of what section of the page the user is on and allows for quick navigation between sections as well as between other pages on the site.
  • Created custom Google Maps plugin and implemented map using Google APIs.
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.

Loans by Lewis

Visit Site

A website for a mortgage loan broker with a unique custom theme that inspires confidence and conveys integrity.

  • Built site using WordPress, creating custom theme from scratch.
  • Recreated multi-step forms from previous site using Caldera Forms.
  • Created custom "Call Now" functionality to allow customers to easily reach their local office.
  • Developed hero image areas with unique stylized image display that keeps the site visually interesting without distracting from content.
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.

Concept Marketing

Visit Site

A site for a marketing agency with a flexible, minimalist look featuring big images and custom interactive elements.

  • Developed visually engaging custom WordPress theme with home page that features large images and makes them pop.
  • Created unique custom animated header menu and many other special animated features.
  • Built custom social media plugin to showcase all social media icons in an appealing manner.
  • Created custom contact and job application pop out forms, integrated with Caldera Forms.
  • Developed custom mobile responsive theme with deep respect for form and function of desktop and mobile devices.
  • Built content interface using ACF Pro to ensure the site is easy to update and change. Each new page looks as the designer intended, and there's no way to mess it up.
  • Added all logos and icons as SVG images to ensure crisp and clear display in every situation.
  • Optimized site and server settings for Google PageSpeed SEO.
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.

CMRK Digital Microsite

Visit Site

An engaging microsite with dazzling video backgrounds and responsive design.

  • Encoded videos using multiple trials in Handbrake to ensure optimal quality at low file sizes
  • Followed proper procedures and tested to ensure that videos autoplay and loop on mobile devices and desktop computers across browsers
  • Added CSS blend modes and gradient effects over videos
  • Developed responsive site with viewport-relative units to ensure that the site looks great across a wide variety of devices and orientations
  • Developed this site while working at Concept Marketing.


I have worked with Drew for various projects and have always been impressed with the high caliber quality of work that he consistently delivers. No project is too large or small for his immense amount of knowledge and expertise with anything web development related. He breaks down super technical terms down for me so that I can understand the magic that he works when it comes to websites. I know I can always rely on Drew to deliver great work, whether it’s building a new photo contest, designing a MailChimp e-newsletter from scratch, saving a website from Malware, or giving practical information for WordPress plugins. He is deadline-oriented, conscientious with time restraints, approachable, and great web developer to work with. I highly recommend Drew for he is truly a master in his field.

Jacqueline Ayala Digital/Environmental Marketing Specialist S. Groner Associates

Drew is a fantastic developer. He has a tremendous sense of structure and pays close attention to site architecture to create sites that look good on the front end, but also work cleanly on the back end. This attention to structure and detail provides clients with easily updatable frameworks that allow seamless handoffs from the agency development side of the world to client IT and marketing teams.

Drew's solid grasp of existing best practices makes him a very versatile team member. We rely on him not just to poke holes in designs for development reasons but to provide solutions to potential issues. He allows Concept Marketing to move forward with development projects confidently and efficiently.

Peter Esko Creative Director Concept Marketing

The client went nuts when I showed them the backend functionality. They said it was 100% improved from their current system and wanted me to send on their thanks. I told him how this was a custom made application just for them. Congrats!

Suzi Senna Project Manager S. Groner Associates

Drew made a beautiful, modern website for me! I previously had one that I'd made myself, and I knew it was long overdue for a professional overhaul. He took the time to understand the aesthetic and functionality I was looking for, guided me in the right direction in areas unfamiliar to me, and showed me how to make minor changes/updates myself (he is also available to counsel me through it when I'm unsure). He streamlined the most important information, and added features I never even knew were possible. I've had numerous compliments, and thanks to the great Contact and Consultation forms, I am hearing from a steady stream of perspective new clients. I love my new website! Thank you, Drew!

Jordana Lorraine Master Stylist Jordana Lorraine Studio

It has been a pleasure working alongside Drew for the past two years. Drew is a crucial member of our team by providing clean, coding and developing work and sharing his expertise on a wide variety of topics. Projects are clearly elevated through his work. He often recognizes simpler and better ways to solve a problem that may have been previously overlooked, saving our clients' time and money.

I'm not a developer nor are any of our clients. Unfazed, Drew thoughtfully and patiently explains technical work in a simple way, helping me to be more successful in my own role. Going above an beyond his duties as Senior Web Developer, Drew is always willing to lend a hand at other, technical aspects of marketing that extend outside the scope of his role. I appreciate the help, Drew!

Katherine Kummer Content Strategist Concept Marketing

Nice. Thanks for doing good work.

Spencer Henderson Art Director / Graphic Designer Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

I have worked with Drew for a few years now on a multitude of projects. He has always impressed me with his ability to quickly find solutions to any problem. He is extremely personable, yet professional. He has that rare ability to be able to design a beautiful website and to develop the state-of-the-art functionality of it as well. I highly recommend Drew and look forward to the next opportunity to work together.

Joe M. Creative Director BrainForest Digital

About Drew

Simply put, Drew cares a great deal about what he is making. He has high standards, and a sense of pride in the quality of his work. From the simplest of HTML emails to the most complex of web applications, Drew goes to great lengths to deliver delightful software experiences, always ensuring that users and administrators have an excellent experience with every interaction.

Aside from being a fantastic web developer who is just excellent with computer stuff, Drew is a musician (vocalist, bassist, and saxophonist), and an amiable person with a good sense of humor.

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A Web Expert in Your Corner

Many businesses don’t have a full-time senior-level web developer on staff. When a problem arises that the people on staff can’t comprehensively explain, this can create a rift with even the most loyal of clients.

That’s where Drew comes in. He quickly and effectively solves problems on every level, from server configuration to coding and database issues. As a seasoned WordPress and Drupal developer, it’s a snap for him to fix both common and uncommon problems with plugins and modules/themes, update your site, clean malware, and enhance security. And with over ten years of experience as a client-facing developer, he can speak to the solution in layman’s terms with intelligence, respect, and grace.

With Drew’s flexible schedule, he’s available at any hour of the day for client calls or collaboration, and there is no job too big or too small. He can join forces with your team at any level of involvement, or work solo.

Drew is an asset from conceptualization through design, development, and deployment. After developing hundreds of complex and diverse websites over the last ten years, he is fluent in the language of web development and design, and he knows what works (and what doesn’t). Whether you need a quick fix, a feature for an existing site, or an entirely new site built from the ground up, Drew’s knowledge will save your business money and time.

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Drew mostly spends his time as a web developer in Los Angeles, CA and Salt Lake City, UT. He is a native Californian and a longtime resident of Utah. Comfortable in both places, he travels between the cities often.

Drew is available for hire as a freelance and contract developer.  Usually, Drew works remotely, but he can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.