This is a tiny version of the actual website. Feel free to scroll, click, and play around.

Okay, got it!

FIRST 5 Kids Santa Clara County

Entire site
built by Drew
WordPressCustom themeCustom pluginsGutenberg
Block Editor

This website for a local gov organization provides info and resources to support the healthy development of children.

Check it out:

  • The top homepage slider is draggable, and the text has a slight animation effect.
  • The custom main navigation menu is presented using two different layouts for different amounts of options and a fun bouncing animation effect.
  • There is a video slider further down the homepage.
  • Click through the pages to see the different unique styles I created for various Gutenberg blocks.

What you can't see:

  • Full support for the Gutenberg block editor, including color palettes, block styles, and custom blocks.
  • All Meetings on the site are entered in one place and displayed in multiple places via custom Gutenberg blocks.
  • Clean, uncluttered WordPress Admin experience. Minimal dependence on external plugins and libraries. Easy to understand, well documented code base.