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Joe Matamales

Entire site
built by Drew
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I built this site for my dad, an expert animator. This minimalist site keeps the focus on his video content.

Check it out:

  • For rapid development, I used the standard WordPress Twenty Twenty-One theme instead of building a custom theme.
  • Made major modifications to the standard theme with custom and contrib plugins.
  • I designed and developed the custom hero area with a seamless transition from an engaging full screen cropped teaser video to a letterboxed video.

What you can't see:

  • My dad uses YouTube to upload, tag, and categorize his videos, so I built a site that is configured to display certain YouTube categories as galleries. All he has to do to add a new video is upload it to his YouTube account!
  • Full support for the Gutenberg block editor, including color palettes, block styles, and custom blocks.
  • Clean, uncluttered WordPress Admin experience. Minimal dependence on external plugins and libraries. Easy to understand, well documented code base.