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Spot's Trash Match-Up

Entire site
built by Drew
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I developed this interactive game and designed every aspect of its interface and gameplay.

Check it out:

  • I built the entire game. Everything is entirely custom, the game doesn't use any third-party gaming libraries except for a simple drag and drop JavaScript library.
  • Try to get the high score! I built a full front end to allow users to create WordPress accounts and a polished leaderboard that allows players to see their high scores.
  • Share your score! I built a share feature that appears after you complete a round of the game, allowing players to share a link that goes right to their score in the leaderboard.
  • Make an account! Created a custom user panel that allows players to select an avatar, choose a city, and change their password. Developed a cookie system that allows players to set up an account later and claim their past high scores in the leaderboard.
  • Enjoy the animation! I added custom interactive Lottie animations as part of the game. The time of day changes in the background. The animated mascot Spot the Dog cheers you on during gameplay, and the animated avatars in the account configuration add a splash of personality to your character.
  • Turn on the sound! I selected and mixed sound effects and music for the game and even modified the pitch of the sound at the end to match the music.

What you can't see:

  • I built a solid back end to the game, so admins can easily manage it using WordPress. It's easy to add/remove items and manage users and scores.