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Sunny Knoll Publishing

Entire site
built by Drew
Custom themeShopify

A custom Shopify site showcasing and selling a fine book that details a unique Spanish guitar collection.

Check it out:

  • I developed unique functionality and styling for the site, deeply customizing the code of the Narrative theme using Shopify's Liquid templating system as well as custom JavaScript and CSS.
  • This e-commerce site has a totally custom look and feel that draws heavily from the styling of the book itself, while featuring Shopify's familiar and straightforward checkout process.
  • The book includes 3 CDs of recordings created with the guitars in the collection. Rather than use Shopify's expensive apps to demo the audio, I simply created a SoundCloud account and playlist for the book and embedded it into the Shopify page, providing an excellent playback experience for users and allowing the tracks to be easily edited by admins and shared via social media.

What you can't see:

  • Minimal dependence on third party apps and libraries.
  • Clean, well documented code based on a first party Shopify theme that should see a long support life.
  • No additional monthly or per-transaction fees beyond Shopify's base charges.